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27 May, 2019

West Bengal Madhyamik 2020 English Suggestion

Reading Comprehension – Seen (20 marks)

Some important pasage with short answer type questions :

• Father’s Help :

1. Describe Samuel.
2. How would you prove that Swami wanted to play truant?
3. How did Swami ‘s father behavior take an unexpected turn?
4. Why did Samuel Look impressed?
5. What idea occurred to Swami?
6. Do you think the strictness of his teacher!
7. Why was Swami confused?

Sea Fever

1. What does the poet wish to go and why?
2. What does the poet need in the voyage?
3. During what time of the day does the poet wish to go down to the seas?

The Passing Away of Bapu

1. Describe the scene when Gandhiji’s ashes bought to Allahabad by special train.
2. Why was it impossible to move?
3. Why padmasi would walk with Gandhiji and what did it require to Gandhiji at the time of walking?

The Cat

1. Write about ‘Little Prig’?
2. How did the Bun acknowledge the magnanimity of the mountain?
3. What is not disgrace to the squirrel?
4. Why must all sorts of things and weather be taken in together?

My Own True Family

1. What is meant by – ‘where the wind’s like a whetted knife’?
2. How the Pete described a preferred day for sailing?
3. Why does the poet want to go down to the seas?

4. How the saloar satisfy the poet?

The Snail

1. Why is the snail displeased?
2. Where can the snail spotted and how it dwells.

* For very short type questions, like MCQ, True – False, Complete sentence, read the textbook and passage carefully.


Passage (20 marks)

There are total 20 marks from Unseen passage. Very short and short type questions come in this section. Practice test papers and other model questions papers for Unseen passage. You may follow recent English newspaper reports for unseen passage.

Grammar and Vocabulary (20 marks)

In this section questions come from the article – preposition, voice change, narration change, joining sentence, split up, verb etc. For this type questions practice test papers and model questions.

Phrasal Verb : Bing up, make out, take after, set back, running through, take for, break out, get through, call off, bring out, fall out, come round, come of, Look down upon, give in, bear away , keep on, pull up, carry out, come by, put up with, put on, come across, give up, look into.


Skill (30 marks


• Process of Preparation :

Publication of news paper, mangl pickle, make a phone call, orange juice, coffe

• Paragraph :

A book you recently read / A please you recently visit, Malala Yousafzaiu, Global Warming, Using of Polythene bags, Book fair, Your hobby, Benefits of early morning exercise, Duties of Students.

• Letter Writing :

Safe drinking water, A film you recently seen, A book you recently read, Rising price of essential goods, loud speaker, Accidents, Advantages and Disadvantages of the mobile phone.

• Notice Writing :

Educational tour, Blood donation camp, free medical check up, Tree plantation programme, football match, free distribution of books.

* For Report and Story writing practice the previous year questions papers and test papers.

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